Monday, June 2, 2014

Sail into Their Future

The 8th Grade Dance was this past weekend and what a dance it was!  I was completely blown away by the talented parents.  As co-chair of the dance, I helped to make sure assignments were made and that everyone was making progress.  We spent the last 4 months planning and so when the time for the big transformation came, I was eager to see how it all came together. 

The great thing about this years committee was that we had a lot of veterans who helped to take charge of various aspects of the dance prep.  This really helped to make things go much smoother!  That, along with the ideas and support from the "new blood" really helped us to put on a fantastic show!

It's amazing how just a few key ideas can spark the imagination.  That, along with pinterest and great party decorations and scene setters, really made the decorations above the top!

Here are pictures from the gym as we transformed it.  What was great is that my daughter said she didn't even know it was the gym at first.  And that folks is why we do it!!

The theme was "Sail into Their Future".  

When they walked in they were automatically transferred to the ocean and they walked the "pier" onto the boat. 

For my son's dance last year I made a few paper mache birds so I had to make at least one for this year.  I decided on a seagull sitting on a post.  He welcomed the guests into the dance!

Once inside the gym, on one side of the gym we had "the boat", complete with swimming pool, water slide, shuffleboard and other games.

On the other side of the boat we had destinations with stops in Hawaii, Italy and Alaska.  A world cruise!

When the kids got hungry they stopped by the SS Charger Cafe where there was a plethora of sweets and chips and drinks.  Enough junk food to feed the entire school!

And the photo booth area.

The kids had a great time.  We finally had to kick them out of the gym at 10 (they would have kept dancing otherwise) so we could clean up.  The saddest part is that it took us 10 hours to put it all together and 1 hour to break it all down.  Oh well.  Completely worth it!

The preparation was fun and exhausting and took some time away from my stamping.  Well worth it in the end but I am glad to get back to my stamps!  I missed them dearly.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  

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