Thursday, February 6, 2014

Transformed in My Digital Studio

When I started scrapbooking 15 years ago, way before digital options were available, I loved creating and designing my pages.  Of course, scrapbooking has become one of my love-hate things to do.  I love scrapbooking, remembering the events and trying to create a page that captures the moment.  I love seeing how my style has changed over time.  It's great to see growth and creativity over time!  The hate part comes from the overwhelming feeling of never being quite caught up.  Now with smart phones, there are even more pictures to capture!

Last year I finally made the decision to convert my scrapbooking projects to full digital books.  Before that I used My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up to create 12x12 pages which I printed and put into the big scrapbooks (confession, I bought a ton of these books because they fit my bookcase!  I had to fill them!).  Anyway, I finally decided that I would keep it simple and create digital books and print a book rather than print the pages to put into a book.  More space-saving and less time-consuming.

By making this decision I have been able to somewhat keep up with 2013.  Of course, I still have some work to do.  Each kid has their own book and then we have a family book.  My goal is to get them all through 2013 by the end of March.

Anyway, here is one of the pages I designed for my son!

Using my son's words, I "stalk" Heather Summers (well, I follow her blog) and decided to finally play along with her MDS challenge - free form tool.  

I pretty much stuck with the rules, used mainly one kit (Seriously Teen) and the free form tool.  I did add the ink splatter (have to have ink splatter).  For the free form tool, I converted a wavy line to an angled line and matched the angles of the photo.  For the washi tape I used photo boxes which I reshaped to strips and added DSP; then I ripped the top and bottom edges.

I never create a page with so much white space.  I always use designer paper or color as a background.  I really like the look with so much white space.  Great look for a teen!  Being I am new to this style, it will take me a while to perfect the look.  What I like is that I can keep it simple or keep adding elements until I am satisfied with the look.  For this page I ran out of elements to add.

So now that I publicly announced my goal, I will have to post some pages and try to play along with more challenges from Heather!

Have a great night!

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